What is a Daily Money Manager?

A Daily Money Manager (DMM) is an insured professional who brings order and clarity to your day-to-day financial activities by assisting you with personal bills, budgets and record keeping, etc. so you can enjoy life and have more peace of mind.

As a DMM and trusted advisor, we take pride in managing your personal financial affairs in a discreet, attentive and professional manner. Security is a top priority. As a member of the
American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM), we subscribe to their strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

For more information about daily money management (DMM), check out this great article by Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, personal finance expert and contributor to AARP magazine.

Who do we serve?

  • Are you an senior who wants to remain independent, but is finding the management of day-to-day finances a bit overwhelming?
  • Are you the adult child of an aging parent who has been helping your parent with his/her finances, but is becoming overwhelmed yourself by trying to take on this responsibility while managing a busy life and career?
  • Are you a busy professional who just needs to lighten the load and have someone else take care of the everyday money-related tasks?
  • Are you a frequent traveler who wants the peace of mind of having someone handle the mail and pay the bills while you are away?
  • Relieve the stress by hiring a Daily Money Manager. You can take control of your money by delegating daily and recurring financial tasks to a trusted partner.