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Daily Money Management ~ A Beneficial Service for Aging Adults and Their Families

The call came from Tom, the Executive Director of a local independent senior living facility. One of the residents, Bob, who was in his late 80's, was panicky and told Tom that he didn't have any money. Tom suspected Bob was having difficulty with his personal financial affairs and called Jackie Bell, a Professional Daily Money Manager (PDMM) and a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM).
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A true story of how AADMM members help their clients keep financial order.

During Charles and Dorothy's more than 50 years of marriage, Charles always handled the household finances. Paying the bills, maintaining tax records, and sorting through those confusing medical claims and insurance statements ~ all of that was Charles' responsibility, and Dorothy was more than happy to let him take care of it.
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Do any of the following situations apply to your aging parent or loved one?

  • Piles of paper and unpaid bills?
  • Bounced checks/overdrafts?
  • Checks not being deposited?
  • Questionable charges on credit card bills?
  • Questionable donations?
  • Confusion and stress over managing daily financial affairs?
  • Taxes not filed?
  • Unable to find important papers?
  • Macular degeneration and trouble with paperwork?
  • Cognitive impairment or physical limitations that are impacting their ability to effectively handle their daily financial affairs?
  • Loss of their spouse or partner who had always handled the finances?

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